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When choosing a therapist, you want to be sure you’re choosing one that you can fully trust to answer all of your questions and concerns. I provide easy-to-understand guides on some of the most common questions and concerns I receive. Below, you’ll will find a list of some frequently asked questions from my clients. Connect with me today for more information.


Please come wearing, or bring, soft, loose-fitting clothing.  Full-length pants such as sweatpants, yoga pants, or even pajama pants are ideal.  Jeans and similar pants do not work well for shiatsu because they restrict range of motion and have zippers, buttons and snaps that can be uncomfortable while lying on your stomach.  For a shirt, t-shirts, short or long sleeve work well.  If you tend to get cold easily, wear an extra layer, as the body temperature can drop while lying down. If you forget to bring the proper attire, no worries!  Loaner shirts are available if you forget your clothes or don't have time get home prior to a session.




Zen Shiatsu

  • Typically performed on a futon on the floor, receiver wearing soft clothing

  • Treats the acupoint and meridian system, providing the same benefits as acupuncture

  • Moves the receiver through stretches with the same benefits as yoga poses

  • Applied for relaxation, musculoskeletal therapeutic aims, or to benefit internal conditions or emotional rebalancing in the same way as acupuncture.

Massage Therapy

  • Performed on a massage table, received disrobed with draping, utilizing oils

  • Treats muscle and connective tissue using gliding and kneading strokes

  • Applied for general relaxation or for musculoskeletal therapeutic aims


I observe the typical 24 hour cancellation policy.  Please call or email within 24 hours of your appointment to cancel or reschedule.  Your card will be charged with less than 24 hours notice.  Extreme exceptions will of course be taken into consideration.

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